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Pet Policy

1) Two pets (canine) are permitted per cottage.

2) You must inform us upon booking that you are travelling with pet(s).

3) An additional fee of $15 per night plus tax per pet, max of 2 pets.

4) Please keep your pet(s) leashed outside and under your control at all times.

5) You are responsible for scooping your pet’s waste and disposing of it in the outside garbage bins located near the office. A $25 charge will apply if pet waste is not picked up and placed in the outside garbage.

6) Pets must not be left unattended in the cottage at any time without prior authorization from management.

7) Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds in the cottage.

8) The red Fundy mud does not wash out of our white sheets or towels due to its oxidized iron content. Once stained, our linens must be replaced. There is a hose outside your cottage for rinsing pets and a basket of Fundy Towels in the washroom for drying. Your will be charged for any other linens that are ruined by you or your pet up to $80 per sheet set. $40 per duvet cover, and $10 per towel.

9) Please keep your pet(s) quiet so they do not disturb other guests.

10) You are liable for any and all injury that your pet may cause to other people, staff, or guests in or around the property of Shangri-la Cottages.

11) You will be charged for all repair costs at a minimum of $100 if your pet causes any damage to the grounds, the cottage or its contents.

12) All additional charges will be placed on the credit card used to guarantee the reservation.